Supporting Third-Party tools

Microsoft Windows Component Considerations

Automatic Windows Updates must be disabled for vehicle devices. The windows update process has been known to alter settings and change network access properties configured for the full Windows version on the IVU. As a security feature, all outside access is prevented.

Automatic Windows Updates must be applied manually for all myAvail servers. The windows update process often forces a system reboot. It is important that the execution of a reboot is done as a scheduled event to prevent service disruption and is executed in the manner outlined in How to Shut Down and Start Up myAvail.

The following Microsoft embedded features are critical to the functioning of myAvail the versions of these features may only be altered at the direction of Avail

  • Microsoft .NET Framework
  • Silverlight
  • Expressions Encoder

Third-party Products Used by myAvail or Used to Deploy myAvail

The following third-party products are used either by myAvail or used during an installation or upgrade. A specific version of these tools is installed each time myAvail is installed or upgraded. If the version of these products is altered as can happen when other software is installed on a myAvail server or workstation then errors can be generated.

  • nPort or Tactical Serial IP devices and software
    • Allows a serial device to be connect via a LAN or WAN
  • 7Zip
    • An open source file compression tool
  • WinMerge
    • An open source tool to compare or merge files or folders
  • Notepad++
    • A free product similar to Microsoft Notepad but with enhanced features


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