Customer Service SOP 054: Passenger Real Time Information


This procedure provides information for all customer service representatives to ensure they can provide customers with real-time next stop departure information, public service messages, and trip information. It also helps customer service staff to encourage customers to directly use the myStop app to obtain similar information.  

Operational Impact and Metrics  

Operational Impact: The real-time passenger information tools were designed to allow customer service representatives and riders an easy way of determining the location, capacity, on-time performance, and next stop departure information for trip planning purposes. Failure to use these tools could lead to increased customer call times, misinformation being given to a rider, and a decrease in customer satisfaction.  

Metrics: Customer Satisfaction Ratings 


ITS  Intelligent Transportation Systems 
CAD/AVL  Computer-Aided Dispatch and Automatic Vehicle Location 


Daily, ongoing during route operations 

Roles and Responsibilities 

Implementation of this SOP is the responsibility of Customer Service Representatives or whichever transit agency staff communicates with customers and uses real time vehicle and route information to answer customer questions.  


Customer service representatives (CSRs) use myAvail real time passenger information tools to provide service information for customer requests. CSRs can also provide support for customers who want to download and use the myStop phone apps.  

Provide customers with stop and departure information:

  1. Open the InfoPoint (myStop) bus tracker website 
  2. Click the desired route from the ‘Routes’ menu for the rider requested departure information 
  3. Click the stop from the map to pull up departure information or click the ‘Stops’ pane and locate or search for the desired stop to provide departure information 

Provide customers with real-time Public Service Messages:

  1. Open the InfoPoint bus tracker website 
  2. Click the “Public Service Messages” pane 
  3. Provide the rider with any important public message information that they should be aware of related to their requested route 

Provide customers with trip planning information: 

  1. Open the InfoPoint bus tracker website 
  2. Click the ‘Trip Planner’ button 
  3. Enter the customers ‘From’ and ‘To’ locations
  4. Enter customers desired departure/arrival time and date and click the ‘Plan Trip’ button 
  5. Provide the rider with the best options to go from location A to location B using the bus system

Encourage customers to use the Avail real-time passenger information tools:

  1. Reinforce to the caller the convenience of using the free myStop app or bus tracker website to plan travel independently, when needed 
  2. Encourage customers to create their own account to setup customized reoccurring alerts and to subscribe to public messages 

Supporting Documents  

  1. Related Training Materials 
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