Vehicle Operator SOP 022: Pullin/End of Service


This procedure provides information for vehicle operators to use the MDT of the CAD/AVL system at pull-in or at the end of their shift. This procedure assumes the schedule has been pushed to the on-board CAD/AVL system. The process covers post-trip inspection and logging off the MDT. 

Operational Impact and Metrics

Operational Impact: The CAD/AVL system streamlines a number of common pull-in / end of service tasks, and helps identify and address problems and improve on-time performance. By improving the ease of completion of post-trip operator inspections, maintenance receives timely and complete notification of issues encountered by the operator during service.

Metrics: On-time pull-in percentage  


ITS Intelligent Transportation Systems
CAD/AVL Computer-Aided Dispatch and Automatic Vehicle Location
MDT Mobile Data Terminal


At pull-in and/or at end of every shift

Roles and Responsibilities

Implementation of this SOP is primarily the responsibility of Vehicle Operators. Supervisory personnel should also be familiar with these procedures to support the operators. Dispatcher responsibilities at Pull-in / End of Service are covered in the parallel SP-013-01.


  1. Perform Post Trip
    1. Press the ‘Pretrip' button on the home screen of the MDT
    2. Update any changes via the inspection screens on the MDT
    3. Submit changes
  2. Log off MDT
    1. Ensure bus is in a safe and secure location
    2. Press the ‘MENU’ button from the MDT home screen
    3. Press the ‘Log Off’ button
    4. Press the ‘Log Off’ button a second time, to confirm log off
    5. Ensure the MDT is completely logged off
      • The MDT should return to the login screen if successfully logged off the MDT 

Supporting Documents

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