Vehicle Operator SOP 020: Pullout/Start of Shift


This procedure provides information for bus operators to use the MDT of the CAD/AVL system during pull-out or at the start of their shift. This procedure assumes the schedule has been pushed to the on-board CAD/AVL system. The process covers check-in, pre-trip start up and inspection, and vehicle pull-out.  

Operational Impact and Metrics 

Operational Impact: The CAD/AVL system streamlines several common pull-out tasks and helps identify and address problems and improve on-time performance by tracking operator dispatch window check in time, MDT log in time, and pull-out time. The system provides alerts to dispatchers if operators have not hit goal times and allows dispatch to provide relief operators quickly. 

Metrics: Operator check-in time, Operator MDT log-in time, On-time pull-out % 


ITS  Intelligent Transportation Systems 
CAD/AVL  Computer-Aided Dispatch and Automatic Vehicle Location 
Block  All the routes run by a service vehicle
MDT  Mobile Data Terminal 


At pull-out and/or at beginning of every shift  

Roles and Responsibilities

Implementation of this SOP is primarily the responsibility of Bus Operators. Supervisory personnel should also be familiar with these procedures to support the operators. Dispatcher responsibilities at Pull-out/Start of Shift are covered in the parallel SP-011-01. 


Operator Check-In 

  1. Check-in with Dispatch, receive vehicle assignment and route/run assignment   
  2. Locate vehicle in yard
  3. Operator starts vehicle
  4. Perform pre-trip tests (Standard pretrip) as MDT starts up/ runs background diagnostics (Pass, Fail, or Skip results)
  5. Operator performs damage reporting via the electronic DVIR screens on the MDT, if configured        ( Pass, Fail w/ Reason Codes) 
  6. Submit pre-trip test and inspection results using MDT (see Work Instruction) 
  7. Operator pull-out 
  8. Monitor MDT status bar for departure time 
  9. Depart at defined time 

Supporting Documents

  1. Related Training Material 

Video Work Instruction  

Related SOPs 

  1. SP-001-01 Planner – Schedule Data Management and Implementation 
  2. SP-021-01 Operation – Perform Revenue Service 
  3. SP-022-01 Operation – Pullin/End of Service 
  4. SP-023-01 Operation – Reliefs 
  5. SP-011-01 Dispatch – Pullout/Start of Shift 
  6. SP-030-01 Maintenance – Pullout/Start of Shift 
  7. Work Instruction/Decision Trees 
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