Dispatch SOP 011: Pullout/Start of Shift


This procedure provides information for dispatchers, or other appropriate transit agency staff, to best use the CAD/AVL system for common items occurring at pull-out or at the start of their shift. This procedure assumes the schedule has been pushed to the on-board CAD/AVL system (See SP-001-01). The process covers shift preparation, checking-in or changing operators and monitoring operator departure, monitoring pull-out alerts and pre-trip inspections, and changing buses assigned to runs.  

Operational Impact and Metrics 

Operational Impact: The CAD/AVL system streamlines a number of common pull-out dispatch tasks and helps identify and address problems and improve on-time performance. By having access to yard maps, operator information, vehicle status information, and various monitoring alerts, Dispatchers can make quick adjustments to achieve pull-out. 

Metrics: On-time pull-out % 


ITS  Intelligent Transportation Systems 
CAD/AVL  Computer-Aided Dispatch and Automatic Vehicle Location 
Block  All the routes run by a vehicle 
MDT  Mobile Data Terminal 


At pull-out and/or at beginning of every shift 

Roles and Responsibilities 

Implementation of this SOP is primarily the responsibility of “Dispatchers”, or whichever transit agency staff are directly responsible for assigning drivers to buses, assigning buses to routes, and successful pull-out from the operations side. Supervisory personnel should be familiar with these procedures to support the dispatchers. Bus Operators responsibilities at Pull Out/Start of shift are covered in the parallel SP-020-01


Dispatcher Shift Preparation 

  1. Log into myAvail and open the ‘Operations’ tab 
  2. Review vehicle to run/operator assignments – make adjustments if necessary  
  3. Assign vehicle to operator using “yard map” 

Check Operator In 

  1. Evaluate operator “fit for duty” 
  2. Check-in operator using “Pull-out” tab (check in column  
      •  System will automatically date and time stamp check-in  
  3. Provide operator with run/route assignment 

Change Operator  

  1.  From “Yard Map Grids” screen drag an operator from the “Extra Board” to desired route; or 
  2. Select new operator from operator drop-down menu on route  
  3. Notify operator of new assignment 

Monitor Pull-out Alerts 

  1. Operator check in alert 
  2. Operator CAD/AVL log on alert 
  3. Operator on-time pullout alert  
  4. MDT diagnostic alert (MDT internal communication failure) (decision tree; maintenance interface) 
  5. Vehicle defect alerts 
  6. Test fail alerts 
  7. Take necessary action per work instruction   

Monitor Pre-Trip Inspection Process 

  1. Assist operators if MDT does not initialize (see Work Instruction) 
  2. Monitor CAD/AVL system for failed inspection notifications 
  3. Assist operators with defect resolution (see Work Instruction if no resolution)  
  4. Assign operator new vehicle if necessary  

Monitor Operator Pull-Out 

  1. Monitor operators’ departure times 
  2. Change bus assigned to run (before pull-out)  
  3. Operator reports issue or defect 
  4. Review “pre-trip inspection status” for defect information  
  5. Review “pre-trip test stats” for failure information 
  6. Notify maintenance  

Change Vehicle Assignment (if necessary)   

  1. Review list of available vehicles or review yard map for available vehicles 
  2. Use drop down menu to assign or drag and drop available vehicle from yard map to replace (reassign) vehicle to run and operator. 

Supporting Documents

  1. Related Training Materials 
  2. Related SOPs 
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