Maintenance SOP 051: Update Yard Map


This procedure provides information for Yard Coordinators to use the CAD/AVL system to consistently  update yard maps for each service day. The process covers assigning vehicle status (availability) and entering vehicle locations. 

Operational Impact and Metrics 

Operational Impact: The Yard Map should be updated as vehicles return to the bus yard at the end of the operational day and for splits. This includes managing vehicle locations on the yard map and adding the status of that vehicle. Failure to update the yard map daily will lead to an increase in morning pullout time. 

WHY: Vehicles parked based on initial pullout needs, saves the agency time. Updating the Yard Map throughout the service day, to account for splits, etc., also ensures that vehicle availability  is known by dispatch and operators for seamless operation.

Metrics: Pull-in/Pull-out report - Business Intelligence 


ITS  Intelligent Transportation Systems 
CAD/AVL  Computer-Aided Dispatch and Automatic Vehicle Location 
Block  All the routes run by a vehicle 
MDT  Mobile Data Terminal 


Daily; as vehicles return to the bus yard. 

Roles and Responsibilities 

Implementation of this procedure is the responsibility of the yard coordinator or the individual who parks each vehicle at the end of each operational day for next day rollout, and during the day for vehicle availability updates.  


Open the Vehicle Locations tab in myAvail

  1. Select yard map (if more than one) from drop down menu 
  2. Click on a parking spot on the map grid to add a vehicle 
  3. Select vehicle to add from dropdown list
  4. Indicate vehicle availability (color coding determines status: gray, green, red, or orange) 
    • Green - available
    • Red - in Maintenance
    • Orange/Grey - Off site
  5. Select the “Add Vehicle” button  

Supporting Documents 

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