Planner SOP 005: Using the Replay Tool


This procedure provides information for planners, or other transit agency staff, to use myAvail’s Replay tool to compare actual route performance to scheduled route performance, determine the causes when route performance is not achieved, and investigate customer complaints that might have occurred on the street. The Replay tool can also be used by the agency to investigate incidents and accidents.   

Operational Impact and Metrics

Operational Impact: Utilizing the Replay tool in myAvail can significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to identify the root causes of customer complaints or on-time-performance issues. The Replay tool allows users to replay actual vehicle performance for a specific trip, to the time point level, and to the segment level ( like a bread crumb trail).  

Metrics: Overall on time performance; route on time performance; customer complaints  


ITS  Intelligent Transportation Systems 
CAD/AVL  Computer-Aided Dispatch and Automatic Vehicle Location 
Block  All the trips run by a vehicle 
MDT  Mobile Data Terminal 


Daily or weekly. Replay should be used whenever something questionable occurs on a vehicle 

Roles and Responsibilities 

This SOP is used by transit agency staff involved in route and operator scheduling and, in some cases,  customer service. Supervisory personnel should be familiar with these procedures to support the agency staff.  


1. Log in to myAvail 

2. Select Geographic Tools  

3. Select Replay menu:

    • Select start and end time 
    • From drop-down select a vehicle, operator, block, run, or route 
    • Or, click and drag on map to select an area 
    • Select load data

4. Review data in Replay tab 

    • Filter data as needed 
    • Bus icons on map (arrows) are color coordinated to indicate on-time status 

5. Use Export button to export data (if needed) 

Supporting Documents

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  2. Related SOPs 
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