Low Utilization

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Use the low utilization report to identify stops, timepoints, timepoint segments, and trips that have low utilization during the date range that the filter pane specifies. Utilization is the combination of boards and alights that represents the total activity at a stop. The report displays utilization from lowest to highest. By default, it displays the least used stops, as shown below. Click the tabs to display utilization by other features.

The Missed % column displays the percentage of missed stopped reports for a stop. A missed stop occurs when there is a scheduled departure, but the system does not record that departure. A high percentage of missed stop reports can occur for a wide variety of reasons and affects various statistics including route utilization. After identifying routes with a high percentage of missed stops, it is critical to investigate and determine the reason why they are occurring.

Click a column heading to sort the table by that column. Multiple clicks toggle between ascending and descending sort orders. For example, click the Missed% heading to sort the table by the percentage of missing stop reports.

In the filter pane, you can specify a value for Percent Returned. This filter controls the percentage of items the report displays. The default value is 10%, which causes the report to display the 10% of stops that have the lowest usage. Higher values display more items.

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