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Pioneering Totally Integrated Solutions

Avail’s enterprise-level transit software offers a unified platform for all your agency’s software needs.

Solutions for Transit Agencies

myAvail offers the only totally integrated software solution for transit agencies. From CAD/AVL to ERP software, it brings together all of the functions you need for your agency to run smoothly.


Avail understands the problems that transit agencies face. Our software offers a complete enterprise-level transit management solution. It streamlines your data and helps you be proactive, not reactive, in both daily planning and strategic decision-making. More importantly, it helps you serve your riders better.
From setup through onboarding and continuing training, Avail offers best-in-industry service. Our team will work alongside yours to make sure that our software not only solves your technical problems but also makes your agency run more smoothly and efficiently.


Solutions For:


Exactly what you need for daily operations.

  • Integrated, backward-compatible CAD/AVL systems
  • Pullout and yard management features
  • Eliminate roadcalls with detailed bus tracking and information management

Business Intelligence

All your data in one place, so you can make informed decisions.

  • Automatic data pull-in from all myAvail features
  • Custom dashboards and reports

Fleet and Driver Support

Automated on-vehicle systems so your drivers can focus on one thing: driving.

  • Fare collection and passenger counting
  • Active vehicle health monitoring
  • Automated ADA announcements


Everything you need to keep track of and execute maintenance on your fleet.

  • Asset reporting and TAM plans to ensure your fleet’s longevity
  • Preventative maintenance planning and tracking
  • Management of fuel (diesel, electric, CNG, hydrogen)
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