ETMS - Our New Platform's Technology Benefits


Enterprise Transit Management Software or ETMS is a unique offering for Avail that
provides features and functionality to power every part of a small to mid-size transit agency.

This product offers several key features upon adoption: Hosting, Database Improvements, and the ETMS Application.


  • Stability - Consistent software across all users
  • Improved feature adoption - small frequent updates
  • Leveraging Azure Hosting to provide the latest standards in security and disaster recovery

Database Improvements

  • Database Encryption
  • Migration to a site license
  • Implementation of an Agile development process, leveraging automated testing

ETMS Application

  • Continued commitment of backward compatibility
  • Compliant with all major browsers on any device
  • Standard positions will access common functionalities
  • In-Product Resource Center - In context help for the most common user problems
    In-Product Communication - Notes and latest release updates

For more information contact:

Nathan Byrd, Sales Specialist


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