How to Use the Yard Map


In the Operations top-level tab, the Yard Map displays the current location of vehicles in the yard. Use this information to assign vehicles to blocks and to tell operators where their assigned vehicle is located. Place vehicles in the correct location using the Vehicle Locations tab described below. An example yard map is below.


The color of the vehicle indicates its status:

  • Gray - assigned to a block
  • Green - unassigned
  • Red - unavailable due to maintenance
  • Orange - unavailable due to being offsite

Your property may have more than one yard. To view other yards, select the blue arrow in the upper-right to reveal a control panel that contains a Yard Maps drop-down list.

Assign vehicles to blocks from the yard map by dragging and dropping the vehicle from the yard map to the pullout group, which is described above in the Reassigning Operators and Vehicles section.

After a vehicle pulls out, myAvail no longer displays it on the yard map.

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