Operator Log Over on the MDT

The Log Over feature - also known as Driver Change - on the MDT (Mobile Data Terminal) is used to save time for run changes and operator reliefs. If an operator is at a relief point and a new operator is taking the vehicle, the operator simply touches the button, and then the relief operator logs in without having to log off the MDT completely. This saves valuable time for driver relief points and job changes. Log Over allows for a faster transition between operators without an interruption to passenger information on myStop.

Done with Service?

  1. Click
  2. Click
  3. Walk off the vehicle

Performing a Run Change?

  1. Operator 1: Click and walk off the vehicle
  2. Operator 2: Touch the Run field and select your run from the drop-down menu
  3. Operator 2: Enter your Driver ID
  4. Operator 2: Click  to log into your run
  5. Operator 2: Proceed with revenue service


Following a successful log over, the MDT may perform differently depending on your myAvail vehicle system configuration. The MDT:

  • may not require Pretrip Vehicle Inspections for the new Driver,
  • may walk the new driver through a set of pretrip vehicle inspection screens using the previous driver’s results,
  • may walk the new driver through a new set of pretrip vehicle inspection screens, or
  • the MDT may prompt the new driver to decide to start new pretrip vehicle inspections or use the previous driver's results.
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