Adjusting APC Counts

Agencies should have a standard policy that indicates when APC counts can be adjusted. Operators should only adjust APC counts infrequently and while the vehicle is nearly empty. 

On high ridership routes, check the onboard count at the end of the block. Report discrepancies to Maintenance when the on‑board count is at off by at least plus or minus five (+5). Errors of 2 to 3 percent are normal.

Alternatively, fixed‑end personnel can generate Business Intelligence reports to help identify APC issues by comparing boards and alights for a single vehicle or by comparing boards and farebox counts.

An optional configuration automatically displays this screen when the operator deploys the wheelchair lift. This configuration allows the operator to record that the wheelchair rider has boarded and that the wheelchair is secured. Additionally, this system can automatically display the APC screen when a rider opens the bike rack if the rack has the approved sensor.

You can manually adjust the APC counts from the Home Screen or from the Menu screen when returning to the vehicle after a break to account for passengers who might have boarded or alighted while you were away from the vehicle.


To adjust the APC counts:

  1. Access the APC counts screen:
    • Press the APC Adjust button on the Home Screen, or
    • When returning to the vehicle after a break, touch Driver On on the Menu page 
  2. Enter the correct numbers for Onboard count, Wheelchair count, and Bike count.
  3. Press the Save button. If you close the adjustment window before touching Save, the system does not save the data you entered.
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