Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) Passenger Transfer (XFER) Requests

Operators can request and receive notifications for passenger transfer requests through the MDT (mobile data terminal). When the operator of the originating vehicle initiates a passenger transfer request, the myAvail system verifies that the transfer is possible and that it can fit within the schedules of both vehicles.

If the transfer is valid, the system will notify the operator through the MDT that the transfer is OK and indicate the transfer stop location. Near the scheduled transfer time, the Avail system will notify the destination vehicle about the details of the transfer. This feature is useful when there is a long duration between departures from a stop, or for the last departure of the day because it notifies a vehicle to wait for transfer passengers. Otherwise, passengers might wait for an excessive amount of time or miss the final vehicle of the day.

The fixed-end myAvail application can be configured to report to dispatch specific transfer issues including missed critical transfers. Critical transfers are those for the last stop for a trip. 

NOTE: It is not advised to use this feature for end-of-line trips.

MDT Transfer Process

  1. Dispatch either calls you or you see the icon on the Status Bar of the MDT indicating you have a new message. Touch to review the message from dispatch when the vehicle is stationary.
  2. The driver then begins the transfer request by touching the button on the MDT on the HOME screen after being notified by dispatch:
  3. Select the route to receive the transferring passenger/s
  4. Indicate the number of passengers and if the lift or bike rack will be needed. If necessary, press the Direction button to select the direction of the transfer trip for the transfer destination vehicle. 
  5. Press the button to send the request. The MDT status bar should indicate XFER DELVRDIf the myAvail system determines that the transfer request is valid, it will send a message to the MDT INBOX indicating that the transfer is okay.
  6. The request is automatically sent to the buses that are available to receive the request.
  7. The receiving operator hits the button on the MDT to accept the transfer.
TIP: If configured, dispatch will be notified via a confirmation event in the Events queue when transfer requests are created.
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