Offboarding Personnel

Managing user access is pivotal to maintaining cybersecurity and ensuring data integrity. While onboarding new users often takes center stage, the process of offboarding users is equally critical, if not more so.

Offboarding refers to the systematic and secure removal of user access and privileges when individuals leave an organization or no longer require access to physical or digital spaces. This seemingly routine process holds tremendous significance in upholding the security of your organization's assets and maintaining cleaner data records.

While your agency has its own processes, the process below covers how to offboard myAvail users properly.

To offboard myAvail personnel:

  1. Mark the user as inactive in myAvail
    • Navigate to¬†myAvail > Human Resources > Personnel
    • From the Personnel panel, search for and select the user's personnel record.
    • On the basic info tab, uncheck Is Active under the user's first name.
      TIP: A popup will ask you to confirm the selection, as the user will no longer be able to access the system.
      WARNING: If the user was an employee, do not change the User Type field. If you change a user from employee to another user type, you will lose access to the user data in the Employee Info and Personal Info tabs.
  2. Contact Avail Customer Support
    • Navigate to the Create a Case page in the AvailTec Portal
    • Title the case Inactive myAvail user
    • In the case description, share the details about the user you deactivated
      • Full name
      • Title
      • Position
      • Email (if applicable)
      • Last day of employment

Offboarding users within myAvail is a crucial practice that goes beyond just tidying up your user list. It is a fundamental aspect of cybersecurity and data governance. By systematically deactivating personnel, revoking permissions, and maintaining accurate data records, your agency can fortify its digital defenses, reduce insider threats, and meet regulatory requirements. In an age where data security and integrity are paramount, effective offboarding procedures are indispensable for everyone.

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