Washington (WA) State DCP Reporting

NOTE: This article details how to navigate the setup and processing of Washington State DCP Reporting, Including WA Roth 457. The steps in this article apply to users of myAvail ETMS version 8.6.1 or later. If you are an on-premise, legacy ERP user, follow the directions in the Quick Guide attached at the bottom of this article.


  1. Create the System Misc Codes
    • Navigate to System Administration / Legacy System Configuration and select System Misc Codes
      Legacy System Config.png
    • Add DcpDeductionCodes and DcpTaxableDeductionCodes if not already in the PR Module Misc List Code
    • Add Deduction Codes for WA Roth 457 under DcpTaxableDeductionCodes
      Misc Codes 1.png
    • Add Deduction Codes for WA DCP under DcpDeductionCodes
      Misc Codes 2.png
  2. New Member - DCP Reporting uses the Employee Setup Information from the Washington State PERS / DCP form.
  3. Click Employer Setup:
    • Report Group - This is a DRS-assigned number and is system-specific. An employer who participates in multiple systems has a specific department number for each system.
    • Report Period - The reporting period identifies the year and month of the transmittal report. The same reporting period should be used for all entries within the report.
    • Report Version - DRS can arrange for employers who report electronically to submit multiple regular transmittal reports for each calendar month. The Report Version Number and Expected Monthly Reports fields identify the expected number of regular transmittal reports for a specific month.
      • Employers using the multiple reporting option must use the Report Version Number to identify which transmittal report this is in the month's sequence of reports.
      • Employers who are not using the multiple reporting option should always enter 01 in the Report Version Number field.
        TIP: To use the multiple reporting option you must make prior arrangements with DRS.
    • Monthly Reports – the number of the report being submitted. For example, if the total of reports for the month is 4 and this is the first report for the month, enter 1. For the second of the four reports for the month, enter 2, etc.
    • Report Type - This field is used to indicate whether the report is a regular transmittal report or a correction report. Valid values: R, C.
    • System Code - Identifies the system being reported. D – DCP Reporting
    • Organization Display – Option - Use this field in conjunction with the Control Number field for purposes of managing the distribution of annual statements. This is an optional field.
    • Path To File – Output where the file will be upon creation.
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