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Previously Employee Pay Detail Reports were printed and delivered manually. With the release of myAvail 8.3.1, you can use the Labor Distribution Report form to automatically email these reports to employees as a PDF attachment, based on their email address on their Personnel record and the data filled out at the top of the form. 

Click the new Email Emp Pay Detail button first to review the print preview of the generated reports. The print preview will include the Department Totals and Report Totals reports. These will not be included in the reports that are emailed. If you'd like to keep these two reports, save them from the print preview.

A Report Summary can be emailed to the user who initiated the emailing of the distribution reports. The Report Summary includes department info, pay cycle, payroll year, number of employees emailed, and list of Employee IDs who do not have an email but have a report generated for them. The Report Summary will not be distributed to employees except an HR or Payroll role initiating the distribution.


1. On the Labor Distribution Report Form, you fill out the Pay Period, Year, Scheduled Cycle, All Employees or From/Thru Dept, and other necessary checkboxes, and click the Employee Pay Detail button.

2. This will open the Print Preview where the user can view the report and check and verify the details before emailing the reports.
The following information will be included in the Print Preview but will not be included in the emailed report: Department Totals, Report Totals, Report Summary per department.

3. When all the details are verified and the user is ready to print/email the reports, they click on the Email Emp Pay Detail button.

4. The confirmation pop-up will ask you to confirm the distribution.

5. The system will email individual reports matching those from the print preview via the Employee Pay Detail button.

6. When it’s done, the pop-up will indicate the successful distribution

7. Employees will receive an email with the report as a PDF attachment. The email will always come from In the subject line, Avail will be replaced with your Transit Property Name.

The HR or Payroll user who initiated the distribution process will also get a Summary Report showing the number of employees it was sent out to, Pay Cycle, Period End Date, Department range, and the list of employees who for the lack of an email address in the Personnel record didn’t get the generated report.

NOTE: The distribution process can be repeated several times. If corrections are needed, the report can be emailed to the individual employee only.
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