MDT Canned Messages

The MDT (mobile data terminal) provides vehicle operators with the ability to send canned messages (predefined data messages) to the dispatch office when the vehicle is stationary. Using these predefined messages will reduce radio chatter and help avoid possible confusion. Canned messages are fully customizable, to meet the needs of the agency. These messages are available for use in both closed-mic and open radio systems.

Canned Message Types:

  • EMR- Red messages are high priority and configured to automatically send an EA (an emergency alarm event) to dispatch. Follow your agency policy regarding the use of these. 
  • CMN- Grey messages are used for routine information, such as traffic delays, directions not associated with the detour management tool, etc. 
  • FBX- Blue messages are typically used to report issues with the vehicle, such as the farebox, wheelchair, etc.

To send a message to dispatch:

  1. Press the MSG button from the Home screen of the MDT to access and use canned messages
  2. You'll be presented with a color-coded menu of message types and priorities. Simply touch the message you want to send to the dispatch office.
  3. The Status Bar on the MDT will display a confirmation after your message is sent


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