Executive SOP 051: Executive Dashboard, Reports & Widgets


This procedure provides information for Executives and their supporting staff to use myAvail to track and respond to key performance indicators. The process covers creating a dashboard in myAvail by selecting appropriate measures and using the dashboard to monitor those KPIs.  

Operational Impact and Metrics

Operational Impact: It is important for the leadership team within the agency to actively monitor the KPIs they have identified as having strategic importance to ensure the agency is achieving the desired results.  

Metrics: User defined KPIs 


ITS  Intelligent Transportation Systems 
CAD/AVL  Computer-Aided Dispatch and Automatic Vehicle Location 
Block  All the routes run by a vehicle 
MDT  Mobile Data Terminal 


Set up upon roll out of ITS. Regularly review metrics and create new dashboards as needed. 

Roles and Responsibilities 

This procedure is intended for executives and managers to monitor KPIs through myDash and use the data to make operational and strategic decisions. 


  1. Use your Business Intelligence myDash to monitor KPIs 
  2. Add report panels to personalize your myDash to keep the metrics you need front and center for monitoring purposes
  3. Analysis - Filtering and tabs to provide deeper analysis drill downs to better understand KPIs displayed  

Operations Reports

    • Events dashboard 

Planning Reports

    • Schedule Adherence 
    • Schedule Health 
    • Pull in and Pull out 
    • Ridership and APCs

Maintenance Reports

    • Maintenance Dash
    • Pretrip issues 
    • Maintenance issues (VHM, ITS) 

Finance Reports

    • Coming soon...

NTD Reports

    • DataPoint card ( ETMS> Operations product suite)
    • Summary Reports> NTD Summary, NTD Trips Sampled, NTD Sample Failures report
    • Use filters, etc. to focus on and analyze metrics 
    • Report generation 

Business Intelligence Self Service Reports

    • Custom reports – gives a view of database, select columns and tables to generate custom display 
    • Corrective Actions 
    • Utilize data to identify corrective actions needed. 
    • Develop and implement corrective action plan.  

Supporting Documents

  1. Related Training Materials 
  2. Related SOPs  
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