Information Technology (IT) SOP 042: Preventative Maintenance of Servers


This procedure provides information for IT or System Admins to maintain servers to support proper function of AVL system. The procedure provides steps for non-hosted and Avail hosted solutions. 

Operational Impact and Metrics

Operational Impact: This procedure should be administered to ensure the health of the IT infrastructure stays up to date. Failure to conduct this procedure could lead to system performance issues, system down time, and the inability for the Avail Customer Support team to provide remote troubleshooting. 

Metrics: Microsoft Windows Updates Log, PRTG Sensors 


ITS  Intelligent Transportation Systems 
CAD/AVL  Computer-Aided Dispatch and Automatic Vehicle Location 
RAM  Random Access Memory 
OS  Operating System 
PRTG  Paessler Router Traffic Grapher 


Monthly. See other details in section VI. 

Roles and Responsibilities

Implementation of these procedures is the responsibility of transit agency staff involved in system administration and/or information technology.  


Non-Hosted Solutions:

  1. Ensure Avail Support has remote access to locally installed Avail Servers 
  2. Microsoft Windows updates to be completed by Transit Agency staff (quarterly) 
  3. Ensure all Avail ITS Servers are behind a firewall (continuously) 
  4. Review critical hardware manufacturers’ warranty and support contracts  
  5. Monitor hardware for potential failures (i.e. Raid hard drives) 
  6. Ensure server technical capabilities are adequate to support the Avail load and meet Avail standards (annually, and any time hardware is updated)  

Hosted Solutions:

  1. Servers are monitored and all maintenance is conducted by Avail 

Supporting Documents

  1. Related Training Materials 
  2. Hardware Technical Specifications 
  3. Related SOPs 
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