System Admin SOP 040: General Responsibilities


This procedure provides information for those responsible for system administration to ensure the health of the ITS system and to manage the system setup data. The System Admin position may also assist personnel with the setup and management of reports, dashboards, widgets and self-service reporting in the Business Intelligence module. The procedure covers using Avail support, checking system health, managing personnel accounts and position assignments, supporting myAvail Business Intelligence and possible management of canned messaging. 

Operational Impact and Metrics  

Operational Impact: Properly setting up and managing the CAD/AVL functions, including reports, dashboards, widgets, etc., will streamline access to performance data for agency staff, to assist in making informed operational and maintenance decisions. 

Metrics: N/A 


ITS  Intelligent Transportation Systems 
CAD/AVL  Computer-Aided Dispatch and Automatic Vehicle Location 
SLA  Service Level Agreement 
PRTG  Paessler Router Traffic Grapher 
SMS  Short Message Service 
BI  Business Intelligence 


As needed 

Roles and Responsibilities 

Implementation of these procedures is the responsibility of transit agency staff that are part of system administration and/or information technology. Marketing, PR, and/or communication staff may be tasked with canned message management (see VI-B and SP-055-01). 


Responding to System Health Alerts:

  1. PRTG/Network monitors health of system and sends real time email/SMS alerts (see PRTG document for monitoring inputs) 
  2.  Fix issue reported by alert 
  3.  Contact Avail Support if required 

Manage Canned Messages (add, edit, or delete) – see Work Instruction:

  1. Add, edit Dispatcher Canned Messages 
  2. Add, edit Driver Canned Messages (changes are active after MDT reboots) 

Position and Personnel Settings Management:

  1. Positions and personnel settings are setup by Avail during initial setup or upgrades. 
  2. Agencies can make changes as needed with this process. 

Active Vs. Inactive Accounts – See Work Instruction:

  1. Add new account to the system  
  2. Inactivate an existing Avail account from the system (all historical reporting data tied to this account will remain intact)  
  3. Re-activate an Avail account that was previously deactivated from the system  

Supporting myAvail Business Intelligence, Widget, Dashboard, and Self-Service Reporting:

  1. System Admin assists personnel with the creation and management of BI dashboards and widgets within the BI module
  2. System Admin assists personnel with custom reports or the extraction of specialized data sets within the Self-Service Reporting in BI 
    • Refer to Service Level Agreement (SLA) between Avail and Transit Authority 
    • Routine Care – (for when production use of the system is possible, but a business function is disabled, and no workaround exists) 

Contact Avail Support via the Customer Portal (recommended communication avenue)  

  1. Call – 814-234-3394 x1050 
  2. Or email – 
  3. Share needed information with the Avail team 
  4. Your name, agency, and contact information 
  5. What’s the issue? When did it start occurring? 

Urgent Care (24/7 Support) – (for when use of the system is not possible/preventing scheduled service):

  1. Contact Avail Support 
  2. Call – 814-234-3394 x1050 
  3. Use the pin code: 7111 
  4. Share needed information with the team 
    • Your name, agency, and contact information 
    • What’s the issue? When did it start occurring? 

Supporting Documents  

  1. Related Training Material 
  2. PRTG Document 
  3. Related SOPs 
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