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WARNING: This article contains documentation for the legacy ERP solution, Fleet-Net. Some of the features and processes described relate to the on-premise solution and may not accurately depict functionality in the new hosted solution, myAvail ETMS. Refer to Overview of Fleet-Net Features (Legacy) for features used throughout the legacy solution. New articles will be published as we update this content. Fleet-Net-specific features. Reach out to our Support Team if you have any questions.

Fleet-Net® for Windows Product of Avail Technologies, Inc.

FastTrack Overview

The FastTrack application allows users to transfer bar code data collected using laser-scanning technology on a mobile handheld device. Data transfers from the handheld device over a Wi-Fi connection to the Avail back-end database(s) and integrates with Inventory, Work Order Processing, Fixed Assets, and Vehicle Service.
FastTrack includes entries and updates to the following modules:

  • Physical inventory (noting counts and deviations).
  • Work Order issues (noting issues and discrepancies).
  • Work Order labor operations (records on and off time for each operation code).
  • Perpetual inventory file (noting the date, time and employee associated with every part issued).
  • Fixed assets (noting asset counts recorded with dates).
  • Vehicle Service (noting vehicles being serviced with date, quantity of consumables, and records vehicle mileage).
TIP: To view the user guide, download the attached PDF using the linked file at the bottom of this article.

User Guide Contents

  • Introduction  6
  • Chapter 1 – Prerequisites  7
  • Chapter 2 – Initial Power-Up and Configuration of FastTrack Device  8
    • BlueBird Settings - Wi-Fi Settings 8
  • Chapter 3 – Configuring FastTrack 12
  • Chapter 4 – Using FastTrack 15
    • Physical Inventory 18
    • Fixed Assets  20
    • Work Order Labor 23
    • Work Order Materials 28
    • Vehicle Service  32
  • APPENDIX A: BlueBird Device Information 43
  • APPENDIX B: SQL Security and Connections Setup 44
    • Setting Up New SQL User  47
    • Assigning SQL Database Permissions 49
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