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Use this dashboard to compare your agency’s actual safety performance to the safety management plan. Review trends in preventative maintenance, preventable collisions, and safety events to track the agency’s safety performance over time. Track safety events by type and period to identify potential problems and target corrective measures and policy changes.

This dashboard allows you to do the following:

  • Monitor trends in vehicle preventative maintenance completion to manage the risk of poorly maintained equipment.
  • Identify preventative maintenance shortcomings and inspection compliance that could increase risks so the maintenance team can address the problems.
  • Evaluate miles between preventable collisions so that training initiatives can be scaled to meet acceptable targets in vehicle collisions.
  • Follow trends in NTD reportable safety incidents to meet reporting requirements.

The dashboard compares the metrics to target values, over time, and by various groupings, including the following:

  • Period: Displays metrics by similar timeframes, such as day of the week, months, and fiscal years.
  • Compliance Status: Compliant, Not compliant.
  • Safety Category: Types of safety problems.

Click the global filter icon at the top  to restrict data to specific Fiscal Years and Mode of Service for all panels in the dashboard.

Click the information icon by a panel  to learn about its metrics and how the system calculates them.


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