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Our new, web-based map was designed utilizing input from you - our valued customers! Discover how these enhancements, including integration with Google Maps, advanced search capabilities, and real-time vehicle information, empower you to make informed decisions and improve operational efficiency.

Based on your schedule, your agency's dispatchers and customer-facing teams can:

  • Identify charging opportunities on the map: The map displays locations where buses can charge, helping the company plan efficient charging schedules.

  • Identify electric vehicles (EVs): The Live Map distinguishes EVs from other vehicles, allowing for fleet-specific considerations.

  • Continuously monitor state of charge: The Live Map provides real-time updates on the state of charge for each EV, ensuring optimal utilization and reducing the risk of running out of power.

  • Directly message operators for prioritizing charging: Communicate with operators to prioritize charging over schedule adherence when necessary, improving overall fleet efficiency.

Keep reading to discover more of Live Map including the expanded search and vehicle card


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