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The Vehicle Files feature allows you to monitor the deployment of files to individual vehicles.

While the Build & Deploy Tab allows you to schedule transfers of user-maintained data (e.g., schedule data, announcements, and pre-trip settings), the Vehicle Files displays the overall status of data deployment.

For example, if there are 159 vehicles scheduled to receive files, the Build & Deploy tab will display the status of the downloaded files for the vehicles:

If you want to know which vehicles have not yet received the files, the Vehicle Files provides that information. myAvail displays which files have been downloaded to the vehicles and when files were last downloaded to the vehicles.

This feature also allows Avail to remotely deploy software updates to in-vehicle equipment and to set up and retrieve debugging data from in-vehicle equipment.

CAUTION: Use the Schedule tab only under the direction of Avail Support.

Vehicle Files has the following capabilities:

  • View the status of file downloads for block schedules, annunciator files, pre-trip configuration, and software files.
  • Schedule the deployment of software and configuration files for in-vehicle
  • Schedule the collection of debugging data from vehicles.
TIP: All software and configuration files are provided and managed by Avail, or at Avail’s direction, using Vehicle Files. If you wish to update the software on spare equipment, or for an out-of-service vehicle, please request assistance from Avail Support via the portal or by calling (814) 234-3394 and selecting Option 1.
CAUTION: The collection of Debug data MUST be done by Avail Support. The improper setting of Debug controls could result in the failure of the MDT.

Before you can use the Vehicle Files tools, you must satisfy the following prerequisites:

  • You must know which files are being deployed.
  • You must know when the deployment began.
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