TSI DVR Camera Color Codes


Use this guide to determine the state of your TSI DVR. 

Status LED State


All LED’s Off 

Device Off, No Power Connected to the Device 

Dim White Constant

Device Off, Power Connected to the Device 

Scrolling - Left to Right Loop (Blue, Yellow, Green, Red, Blue, Yellow…) 

Device Booting 

Scroll Side to Side (Blue, Yellow, Green, Red, Green, Yellow, Blue…)

Firmware Update in Progress 

White On, Red Blinking (Slow Blink), All Others Off

HDD Formatting 

All LEDs Blinking (Fast Blink)

Short on Both Power Out 1 & 2 

Alternating (Blue On, then Green and Red On, Blue On, Green and Red On…)

Short on Power Out 1 

Alternating (Blue and Green On, then Red On, Blue and Green On, then Red On...)

Short on Power Out 2 

Blue Blinking (Slow Blink), Red Solid

HDD Problem 

Blue Blinking (Slow Blink), Red Blinking (Fast Blink)

HDD Mounting 

Blue and Red Blinking at the Same Time, (Slow Blink)

Device On, Not Recording 

Yellow On Constant

Camera Out 

Blue and Green Blinking (Fast Blink)

DVR not Recording, Device in Shutdown

Timer/Offload Mode, Connected to Server 

Green Blinking (Slow Blink)

Device in Shutdown Timer 

Green Blinking (Fast Blink)

Device Recording, Device in Shutdown Timer and Connected to Server or Application 

Green On Constant

Device Connected to Server or Application 

Blue on Constant

DVR Recording 

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