In-Vehicle Administrator User Guide (Legacy)

This document describes the components of the myAvail CAD\AVL in-vehicle system, both hardware and software, and provides information about the design, structure and configuration of these components. The guide covers the myAvail system at a level intended for system administrators and for providing management staff a system overview.

This document provides information about how data flows within and between in-vehicle hardware components and to the backend system. Additionally, this guide provides references to various other User Guides and Quick Reference materials for detailed information about system features and various daily and less frequent operational tasks. Step by step instructions for performing technical functions such as updating software and other responsibilities are provided in the AVL Service Guide provided when the fleet is installed.

This Guide is intended for use by the staff responsible for the technical administration of the overall myAvail System, for those responsible for the myAvail in-vehicle hardware and for management staff that require an overview of the complete product.

TIP: To view the user guide, download the attached PDF using the linked file at the bottom of this article.

User Guide Contents

  • Table of Contents 5
  • Introduction 7
  • What is the myAvail In-Vehicle Equipment? 8
    • Description of Vehicle Equipment 8
    • Mapping of myAvail In-Vehicle Components Compatibility 14
    • myAvail In-Vehicle Networking History 15
  • What Are the myAvail In-Vehicle Components? 16
    • An Overview of myAvail In-Vehicle Components 17
    • What are the Core System Components? 17
      • GUI Driver 17
      • GEMM Service 17
      • Fixed Route Service 18
      • Master Control Service 18
    • What are the Communications Components? 18
      • OTA Comms Service 18
      • Radio Control Service 18
    • What are the GPS & Dead Reckoning Components? 19
      • GPS Module Service 19
    • What are the Announcement Components? 19
      • AVA Service 19
    • What are the Simma / J1708 / J1939 Components? 20
      • Simma Hardware / Service 20
      • J1708 / J1587 20
      • J1939 21
    • Discrete IO Service 21
    • Updater Service 22
  • What is the myAvail In-Vehicle System? 23
    • An Overview of myAvail In-Vehicle Capabilities 23
    • Description of Operator interactions with the myAvail In-Vehicle System 25
    • Description of the Operator’s Part in Firmware Updates 34
    • Description of Vehicle Communications 35
    • A Description of Vehicles Communications While On the Road 35
    • A Description of How Vehicles Communicate at Your Facilities? 37
  • Descriptions of Key Decision Processes 38
    • What happens on ignition state change? 38
    • How is mileage tracked? 41
    • GPS Considerations 42
    • Trigger Box Considerations 44
    • Identifying the Correct Trip 46
    • How and when is the Headsign display updated? 46
    • When does myAvail update the farebox? 47
    • Why and How to do a “Cold Boot”? 48
    • What are the configuration options for MDT Lockout? 49
    • What is available in Vehicle Health Monitoring? 50
    • What are the capabilities of in-vehicle public messaging? 51
    • Description of Debug Data 52
  • Appendix 1 53
    • Verify Equipment Is Properly Installed 53
    • Calibrate The Ublox Antenna To Enter Fusion 54


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