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System administrators set up positions that aggregate myAvail functionality in a manner that allows users to perform their jobs. After the administrators define the positions, they can assign positions to the users. This process allows users to access functions that are set up within their position.

Each agency defines its set of positions and determines the suites and functions accessible to each position. Some functions have additional rights, such as View/Edit, that can be applied at the position level. While agencies can use their unique set of job titles to create and define positions that map to our suites and functions, the product comes with a predefined (default) set of positions that the agency can use and modify as needed.

Administrators can assign users to only one position. When considering the positions that an agency requires, consider the various job titles/descriptions within the agency. Some positions will apply to many personnel (e.g. drivers, mechanics, dispatchers, road supervisors). Other positions apply to only one person (e.g. Executive Director, Operations Director, etc.).

For each of these positions, the agency defines the set of available suites and functions. For example, a Dispatcher position would include selected functions within the myAvail Operations suite.

After the agency hires a new Dispatcher, a system administrator creates a new user and assigns them to the Dispatcher position. That process allows the new hire to access all the functions and rights for that position.

Also see more information on Positions in Concept of a Position, its Functions, and Function Controls Available to Assign to Positions.

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