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Full Reporters provide employee data for Directly Operated (DO) services only. These agencies must report two employee data items: the hours that all employees work during the year and the number of employees at the end of the year. Transit agencies report data by type of employee (full-time vs. part-time and operators vs. non-operators) and labor classification (operating and capital).

The Employees table displays the Employee data organized in several columns: Full Time Operator Work Hours, Full Time Operator Count, Full Time Non-Operator Work Hours, Full Time Non-Operator Count, Part Time Operator Work Hours, Part Time Operator Count, Part Time Non-Operator Work Hours, and Part Time Non-Operator Count. This is broken down by Labor: Facilities Maintenance, General Administration, Vehicle Maintenance, Vehicle Operations, Total Operating Labor, Total Capital Labor, and Total Labor. 

All data can be filtered by a Fiscal Year and Mode.


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