Overview of Legacy ERP Modules

Legacy ERP Modules List

Avail's legacy ERP solution is organized into separate programs. The modules correspond to major functional areas such as Accounts Receivable, Payroll, Vehicle Maintenance, etc. The following codes are used when describing modules:

Code Program Name Code Program Name
AD Automated Dispatch LS Leave Scheduling
AM Asset Management MU Menu Items
AP Accounts Payable NT NTD Reporting
AR Account Receivables OT Operator Timekeeping
BM Bid Management PO Purchase Orders
CS Claims & Safety PR Payroll
CT Contract Management PS Public Schedules
ES Easy Sample PT Project Tracking
FA Fixed Assets RD R.I.D.E.S.
FC Fast Cut RQ Requisitions
FI Fuel Island Interface RR Revenue Ridership
FT Fast Track SD Service Desk
GL General Ledger TK Timekeeping
GM Grant Management VM Vehicle Maintenance
HR Human Resources VP Vehicle Problems
IN Inventory WO Work Orders

Other codes used throughout the system include:

Code Feature Name
RG Report Generation
SY System Administration

Relationship of Modules to ETMS Suites

ETMS Suites

Legacy Module

Finance Suite Accounts Payable
  Accounts Receivable
  Bids Management
  Contract Tracking
  Fixed Assets
  General Ledger
  Grants Management
  Purchase Orders
  Project Tracking
Transit Assets Suite Asset Management
  Fuel Island
  Vehicle Management
  Work Orders
Planning & Scheduling Suite Easy Sample
  Fast Cut
  Public Schedules
  Revenue Ridership
Operations Suite Automated Dispatch
  Operator Timekeeping
Compliance Suite Claims and Safety
  Service Desk
  Vehicle Problems
Human Resources Suite Human Resources
Payroll Suite Payroll
  Leave Scheduling
System Administration Suite Security
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