Overview of Fleet-Net Features (Legacy)

WARNING: This article contains documentation for the legacy ERP solution, Fleet-Net. Some of the features and processes described relate to the on-premise solution and may not accurately depict functionality in the new hosted solution, myAvail ETMS. New articles will be published as we update this content. Reach out to our Support Team if you have any questions.

Below are features that are used through the legacy Fleet-Net product.

mceclip1.png To correctly exit a form, or exit out of Fleet-Net® completely click on the Fleet-Net® Icon always located in the upper right of every form.  
mceclip2.png **When the binoculars search or a drop-down list are not available, use ‘Ctrl F’ as a search tool.
When using this button to search the following sample form will open up. Use any of the search item criteria to find your item select it and it will populate at the bottom of this form. To populate the previous form with the selected item simply hover over the item # and double-click it. Close the search form.
mceclip4.png Throughout Fleet-Net® modules, there are Green Checkmarks that will appear next to specific fields. These Green Checkmarks when selected will open the Misc. List Codes form allows you to set up the necessary codes and their value for the associated field.  
mceclip5.png The clock button allows for changing the time entry.  
mceclip6.png The question mark button opens the search option.  
mceclip7.png The Stop button aborts the current selection process.  
mceclip8.png The calendar button allows for quick selection of a specific date via a calendar. Calendar defaults to the current date. mceclip9.png
mceclip10.png The calculator button allows for quick simple calculations on the fly. It opens up your systems calculator. mceclip11.png
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