Configuring OneDrive for New Hosted ERP Users

This article walks you through how use the Avail-provided PowerShell script and sign into your local OneDrive using your account. You will need to complete these steps only once for each user. This process may require administrator privileges, so please consult your IT department before proceeding.


  1.  Open the Avail provided PowerShell script titled: SharePointMap_CUSTOMERNAME_Customer.ps1. Right-click on the script and select Run with PowerShell.
  2. Select Open.
  3. In the empty field, input the letter A to choose Yes to All. Press Enter.
  4. Input the user email and press Enter.
  5. In the Microsoft OneDrive pop-up, enter your email address and select Sign in.
  6. Enter your email password and select Sign in.
  7. Click on No, sign in to this app only in the next pop-up.
  8. Select Next on the following four (4) popup windows.
    mceclip7.png mceclip8.png
    mceclip9.png mceclip11.png
  9. Choose Later when asked to get the mobile app.
  10. Select Open my OneDrive folder.
  11. The SharePoint FileShare will now be available locally on your machine. You can find this in the left-hand pane within your File Explorer window. Double-click on the name of your ETMS documents folder to access additional folders.
  12. Each user will have access to the Product Suite folders they’ve been granted access to, based on their assigned agency position. Users can save documents to these folders and store them locally on their machines.
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