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Use this dashboard to understand the agency’s current staffing condition, gain insight into long term trends and immediate personnel needs, and produce reporting for regulatory purposes.

This dashboard allows you to do the following:

  • Review employee leave usage and balances and their upcoming deadlines so you can provide them with the information they need.
  • Monitor trends in workforce age, turnover rates, and overtime hours to advise leadership about problematic changes for individual departments and the agency as a whole, such as tracking average workforce age and the risk of large retirement waves.
  • Track employees by gender and EEO codes to ensure regulatory compliance and produce supporting documentation.
  • Monitor overall and departmental headcounts to ensure staffing levels meet the requirements of organizational goals and budgets.
  • View turnover rate and track employees leaving and coming to the organization over time to plan for future recruitment needs.

The dashboard compares the metrics to target values, against a previous time period, by department, across fiscal years, and by various groupings, including the following:

  • HR Categories: Type of leave, Type of overtime.
  • Period: Displays metrics by similar timeframes, such as months.
  • Departments: Displays fiscal year expenses by departments that the agency defines.
  • Demographics: Age Groups, Gender, and Ethnicity.

Click the global filter icon at the top  to restrict data to specific Fiscal Years and Departments for all panels in the dashboard.

Click the information icon by a panel  to learn about its metrics and how the system calculates them.

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