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Navigation: ETMS > Human Resources

The Document Library card can be used to look through and print documents and information regarding company policies, news, SOPs, Employee Handbook, etc.

Under each of these categories on the left the user can look through the existing documents. If the user has editing permissions, they can delete old and/or upload a new document by Dragging and Dropping in the field or Browsing through the folders.

To print a document, click on a document attached and it should open in a separate tab where clicking Print will print the document.

The Edit Permissions button will be visible only for the positions that were given this permission. Usually, it’s either Admin or HR positions. Clicking on this button will show the Admin the list of positions that they can grant editing permissions to.

The ability to add and delete categories themselves comes from the permission on the position called Manage Document Library Categories, which can be accessed from the Positions Card, choose the position and under the functions tab, click the arrow on Human Resources, click the arrow on Document Library, click Manage Document Library Categories.

Navigation: ETMS > Human Resources > Positions > Edit Position

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