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To receive alerts that a user profile has been changed, the HR personnel approving these changes will need to pick the User Profile Update in the Event Email/Text Alerts drop-down under the Personnel Card/Position Settings tab.

Click the Approvals Card

This screen shows employees that changed a field in their profile and waiting for HR approval.

Click an employee from the list on the left. The changes that were made will show before and after. To reject, enter a reaction message and click the Reject button. The employee will receive a confirmation email that it was rejected, you can also add a message of why the change was rejected in the rejection message field. To approve click the Accept button and the employee will receive a confirmation email that their changes were approved.

Click Approve and a confirmation will pop up. Click Yes to accept and No to cancel.

Click Reject and you would receive this message if you forgot to enter a rejection message as it is required.

If you entered your rejection message and clicked reject, you will receive this confirmation pop-up. Click Yes to accept and No to cancel.

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