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Day 1

Engage Happy Hour

Kickstart your conference experience! Enjoy drinks and appetizers as you connect with with peers, solution partners, and Avail.


Day 2

Welcome to Engage 2024!

In his opening remarks Avail's President & CEO, Dorsey Houtz, welcomes attendees and details Avail's objectives and key takeaways for Avail's Engage conference.

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The Avail Product Roadmap

Avail's Chief Technology Officer, Rick Spangler, highlights the current and future product innovations driving Avail to achieve its vision is to revolutionize the adoption of ITS technology by partnering with our customers to achieve success.

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Engage Outlook

Embark on an exciting journey with us as we welcome you to the Engage In-Person Experience. In this session, we'll provide you with everything you need to know to make the most out of your Engage experience.

Cybersecurity: It’s Never Too Late

An enlightening discussion on Intercity's journey towards cybersecurity maturity, highlighting the importance of evolving practices and fostering a cyber-aware culture, especially amid the shift to a cloud-centric world accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Unveiling myAvail's Hidden Gems: Insights from Power Users

Uncover hidden gems and optimize your myAvail experience by learning valuable insights, seldom-used features, and ingenious workarounds from Avail's vibrant community of power users.

myAvail Finance Roundtable

An open conversation with Ryan Harshbarger and Mandy Murphy on the status, migration priorities, favorite features, and new opportunities for the myAvail Finance Product, with insights from expert users and decision-makers.

Hands-on Troubleshooting Avail's InVehicle System

Explore the critical components of Avail's in-vehicle system, learn essential maintenance procedures, and gain valuable troubleshooting techniques to ensure optimal performance and system reliability.

Exploring the Future of GTFS: Opportunities and Insights

An in-depth discussion on the next generation of GTFS, exploring new initiatives and seeking feedback from on the emerging standards you identify as valuable. Don't miss this chance to leverage its potential for enhanced transit operations.

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Unlocking Transit Performance Metrics

Navigate the maze of transit performance metrics using TCRP 88 as a guide, focusing on schedule health and on-time performance reporting, and engage with peers to streamline your myAvail system for operational excellence.

Unlocking Value with Your Avail Account Manager

Discover how your Avail Account Manager can serve as a strategic partner, leveraging their skills and knowledge to address big-picture questions and tailor solutions to your unique challenges, maximizing the value of your partnership with Avail.

Partner Spotlight - Dynamic Signage Solutions with Message Point Media

Join us to explore the latest innovations in dynamic signage from Message Point Media, including solar-powered, vibrant color displays, and hear insights from industry leaders on successful implementations to enhance brand visibility and real-time information delivery.

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Avail's Project Process Experience

Avail's project process is a cornerstone of our success. In this session hear from an Avail project team on the key steps in the process and why we believe they are important. Hear from your peers in various stages of their life cycle with Avail on lessons they learned, what went well and how you can ensure your next project with Avail goes smoothly.

Partner Spotlight: Exploring Yard Management Solutions with Ubisense

Explore the evolution of yard management solutions from traditional methods to cutting-edge technologies like myAvail Yard Management and Smart Space by Ubisense. Gain valuable insights from customer spotlights on solving challenges, achieving ROI, and embracing efficient, paperless operations with web-based and mobile accessibility.

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Engaging with Your Avail Customer Experience Team

Gain insights into maximizing the value of your interactions with Avail's Customer Experience Team. Hear directly from team members about the journey from submitting a ticket to its closure, gaining transparency into the process and expertise applied at each stage. Enhance your understanding of our support process and ensure a seamless experience whenever you engage with our Customer Experience Team.

Engage Social

Engage is packed with information, so it's nice to take a break and relax. We've created the Engage Social to let loose and hang out with your peers and Avail. There's no agenda, just a lot of food and fun! This year, we've chartered a cruise aboard the historic Belle of Louisville. We'll enjoy dinner, drinks, live music, and stunning city views during our sunset cruise. You won't want to miss this epic event!


Day 3

Executive Roundtable

An open conversation on all things Avail. Avail's executive team, lead by Dorsey Houtz, CEO, want to hear from our customer leaders and influencers about how we're doing as your partner, what you think about Engage, and what areas of opportunity you see in the future.

Transitioning to VoIP: Insights and Considerations for Public Sector Agencies

Explore the adoption of Voice over IP (VoIP) in public sector agencies, understanding the reasons behind replacing or improving Land Mobile Radio (LMR) systems, gaining insights from peers who have transitioned, and receiving guidance from Avail's experts to determine VoIP's suitability for your agency.

Streamlining NTD Reporting: Insights and Solutions

Join us to explore the evolution of National Transit Database (NTD) reporting, essential for public transportation agencies since 1974, and learn about available solutions, including Avail's, to simplify the process, featuring insights from peers and Avail on facilitating a seamless S10 financial report certification experience.

Empowering Collaboration with Avail's Product Team

Join an interactive session with Avail's Product Team to contribute to customer-driven development initiatives, exploring the Engage Development Plan and how your feedback directly shapes product enhancements and roadmap priorities.

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Fireside Chat with Gary Stevens: Lessons from the Legendary Jockey

Join us for an exclusive Fireside Chat hosted by Avail's President & CEO, Dorsey Houtz, as he sits down with legendary jockey, Gary Stevens. Drawing from his illustrious career, Gary will share insights and anecdotes that resonate with professionals in the public transit industry. Dorsey will close with a recap of Engage and share his closing remarks.

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