Avail Security Highlights

Avail Technologies employs comprehensive, in-depth, and industry-proven standards and technologies to protect and defend customer data and its privacy in our environment. Avail is one of the few ITS providers to complete its SOC 2® examination. Avail’s information security and privacy management and quality management systems are formally audited and verified for compliance annually.


  • 256-bit AES encryption technology to protect all information, at rest and in transit over the internet
  • Employee accountability for complying with our Information Security Policy and Procedures, including pre-hire background checks
  • Formal risk management program, including vendor management and security awareness training and exercises
  • Monthly security awareness training for our employees
  • Latest XDR/MDR on endpoints, servers, and perimeter for protection of software and employees
  • Intrusion-detection systems to monitor attempts of unauthorized access


  • Redundant infrastructure for high performance and fail-over capabilities
  • Quarterly disaster-recovery testing
  • Continuous real-time backups to off-site locations
  • Secured, monitored, and redundant data centers in multiple time zones
  • 24/7/365 security response team
  • US-based product support staff


  • Least-privilege principles in provisioning access
  • Azure AD Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Email scanning with content. ransomware, and threat detection
  • Next-generation firewalls to protect our systems and networks, along with Azure-based IP filtering for customer-facing infrastructure
  • Vulnerability and patch management program
  • Third-party penetration testing and tabletop exercises for vulnerabilities with the latest technology
  • Cyber insurance coverage with vCIS0
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