Basic Info Tab

This tab is the user’s basic information and can be edited by HR.


Display Name - This defaults to “Last Name, First Name”, but it can be changed by the user. The display name must be unique because it identifies the user on all reports and screens.

Is Active - This button will default to checked when entering in a new employee. To make a user inactive, uncheck the Is Active checkbox, a popup will ask you to confirm the selection because the user will not be able to log on. 

User Type - Pick a user type from this drop-down, etc. an Employee, Contractor, Consultant, or a Board Member. This field is used for Employee and non-ERP customers. If a non-employee is chosen, the Employment Info, Personal Info, and Position Settings tabs will not need to be filled out and will be greyed out/disabled.

Position - This drop-down contains the list of possible positions to assign to a user. This choice defines the system functionality the user can access, this field is required.

Additional Fields - Enter the user’s address, City, State, and zip code. For email and mobile phone numbers, enter the information for where myAvail should send email and text alert messages. Click Next/Save.

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