Service Bulletin #70 - Optibus and Scheduled Miles Validation


Agencies that use the Optibus scheduling package may not be sharing the correct scheduled mileage with Avail for NTD Reporting.

Who is affected?

You may be affected if your agency:

  • Utilizes the myAvail CAD/AVL solution along with the Optibus scheduling package, and
  • Has not used calculated distances from map shapes for each pattern on each route within Optibus. 

What do I need to do?

Talk to your scheduler and ensure they are following the correct process while updating schedules in Optibus. You MUST click a button to recalculate each pattern after a change to ensure the correct mileage is exported to Avail. If you fail to do so, the wrong mileage can be exported and used for NTD Reporting.:

  1. From within Optibus's software, review your route traces and validate they are correct
  2. Click Calculate distances from map shapes to apply your updated distances to your schedule data
  3. Export the schedule data.
  4. Import into myAvail.
  5. Perform a correction publish to clean up your current schedule.

Need help?

Please contact OptiBus if you have any questions about how scheduled distances are calculated, managed, and exported.

If you have questions about NTD reporting, please contact Avail Support for assistance.

Thanks for partnering with Avail. We look forward to better serving you!

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