Adding a new Route

With the completion of the schedule file import, if the schedule has a new route, then the following steps need to occur, before the user proceeds to the Validation/Build/Deploy steps.

The new route must be set up and configured in the Routes card, under the Planning and Scheduling Suite, in ETMS.

  • Double clicking on the route, with the Routes card, will allow you see the Passenger Info and Operations Info tabs, where you can adjust the route’s information accordingly.
  • Please note that detailed directions of this process can be found in the myAvail User Guide (How To use the Routes Tab), which resides within the Wayfinder (ETMS)

This step is critical as it allows the user to select the fareset information for the route, and this information is key to the run file. If this step is not done, the run file will be missing the right fareset id, which will lead to validation issues after the schedule publish (example: exceptions processing).

This step is also important as the new route will need its name, route trace color, route trace visibility to dispatch and myStop, among other characteristics. These attributes are added here on the Routes screen.


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